Download Game Sonic Heroes Full Version

Download Game Sonic Heroes Full Version

Game Information :

Developer    Sonic Team USA
Publisher    Sega
Director    Takashi Iizuka
Producer    Yuji Naka
Artist    Kazuyuki Hoshino
Writer    Shiro Maekawa
Composer    Jun Senoue
Series    Sonic the Hedgehog
Engine    RenderWare
Platform    GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows, PlayStation Network
Release date    December 30, 2003
Genre    Platform
Mode    Single-player, multiplayer
Download Sonic Heroes - Sonic Heroes is a stage amusement in which players explore through various levels utilizing groups of three characters. The diversion highlights four groups; Team Sonic, Team Rose, Team Dark, and Team Chaotix, each with their own crusades. Group Rose, Team Sonic, and Team Dark speak to simple, medium, and hard challenges separately, with the harder troubles including longer stages and harder adversaries. Group Chaotix's levels, then again, are mission based, obliging players to satisfy a particular target keeping in mind the end goal to clear every level. Every group contains three character sorts; Speed, Power, and Flight, which the player flips between whenever, additionally changing the group's running development. Speed characters can perform homing assaults and light dashes, and can shape tornadoes to scale posts, Power characters can get through articles and coast on air fans, and Flight characters can briefly fly noticeable all around and assault airborne foes. By procuring certain things or foes, characters can level up, turning out to be more productive when battling against adversaries.

Like past diversions, players gather rings to secure themselves and win additional lives, which are lost if players are assaulted without any rings, fall into pits, or come up short certain targets. By vanquishing adversaries and gathering rings, players can develop a Team Blast meter, which can be utilized to play out an intense assault that pulverizes all on-screen rivals, and in addition initiate certain capacities special to every group. By gathering a key covered up inside every level and achieving the end of the level without getting hit, players can enter the Special Stage, in which players speed over a tube, gathering circles containing support power whilst staying away from deterrents. In the event that the stage is entered by means of Act 2 of every zone, an Emerald Challenge happens in which players must catch a Chaos Emerald before it achieves the end of the stage. On the off chance that players can gather every one of the seven emeralds and clear every group's story, an extra Last Story is opened. The diversion likewise includes a multiplayer mode, in which two players can race or fight against each other.
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  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium III 600MHz Processor
  • 128MB RAM
  • 16MB Direct3D compatible Video Card
  • 700MB Hard Disk Space
  • DirectX compatible Sound Card
  • 12X CD-ROM Drive
  • DirectX 9.0z
  • Windows Media Player 9
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
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Download Game Sonic Heroes Full Version

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