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Game PC Dragon Bubbles Shooter Games

Download Game PC Dragon Bubbles Shooter Games - Help defend the Chinese Pagoda State of attacks dragons. They are mysterious animals and someone challenges you to perform dangerous tasks with the lure of a trophy and a number of other exciting prizes. This task is really crazy, but the prize last commensurate with the existing madness.

Alihakan balls in one group consisting of 3 or more to make the dragon disappeared. It sounds very easy, but these dragons will still appear with his new troops to stop everyone who plays. Download the full version of this game and keep the cities in China.

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The features in the game Dragon Bubbles are:

  • Graphs are modern and classy
  • The gameplay is spectacular and full of surprises
  • Power-ups are unique
  • There will be called Gorgeous effects, huge explosions that you can find if you're already playing
  • Created by an original soundtrack and powerful sound effects
  • You can save and continue the game
  • Available game statistics
  •  Free or full full version without any limitations
The size is only 16 Mb of course, this KECL download and play on your computer, you can also invite friends, brother or sister to help mengalakan the dragon in the State rescue mission aka Chinese Pagoda.

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